Does Boycotting NFL Games Hurt Our Economy or Just Our Definition of Patriotism?

The news has been taken over yet again about the idea that kneeling during the National Anthem is disrespecting our veterans and troops. Because of the backlash, many are threatening to boycott the NFL until all are made to stand during the National Anthem. Not only would stock plummet for the NFL teams, but consumers wouldn’t buy food for game day, service bars and restaurants or buy merchandise. There would be a dip in the market, but would that send a message? Would it truly “hurt” us?

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My book is about the future, and the readers I wish to attract are the younger generations, especially those people attracted to liberal, progressive and socialistic ideals. The young tend to reject capitalism because anti-capitalism is all they’ve been taught. Thus, they believe that business is in the business of making money and not helping the poor or the environment. They have established views on the horrors of greed.

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