I was raised in a wonderful home with an attorney father. It was in Omaha, Nebraska. Born in 1941, I remember the end of the Second World Home as my mother sent me to front yard to ring a bell. Everyone up and down the street was doing the same. Military were all over Omaha for the next several years. Omaha in the Fifties was pretty easy, fun, and free of worries.

My college years were at Westminster, in Fulton, Missouri (where Churchill gave his Iron Curtain speech in 1946). I obtained a B.A. degree in 1963. I wanted medicine as a career and took all the necessary sciences but was also fascinated with economics. Med School was at the University of Nebraska located in Omaha. I graduated with an M.D. in 1967. Looking back, it was an unbelievable time with numerous brilliant and exciting teachers and students. After a year of internship at Nebraska Methodist Hospital, I returned to the medical campus for a residency in Radiology, and radiologic physics was my favorite subject. First job was in Loveland Colorado; it didn’t work out, and I moved to Kearney Nebraska in 1972 and practiced till 1998.

In the twenty years since practice I’ve traveled a lot, read many books, boated, and built an airplane. Today I’m disgusted with where government has taken health care. In the 2002 time I joined a committee supporting Republican Senators. Bill Frist, M.D. was our leader and a Senator from Tennessee, and who later became Senate Majority Leader. He encouraged me to write on the subject. I have been writing since. I later expanded on my ideas of freedom, entrepreneurs, and capitalism; and this is how I came to write Return to Capitalism. I intend to keep revising my book until I think I’ve got it right. I’ve greatly enjoyed writing.

I live in St. Petersburg Florida with my wife Ethel. I have two grown children and four grandchildren.