Entrepreneurship is King in the Capitalistic System – Here’s Why

Under a capitalistic system, the entrepreneur is the king, and it is essential in advancing opportunity and prosperity for all. Thus, I have explained in my book what entrepreneurs are, why what they do is morally correct, and why they should be embraced. Appreciation of market-based solutions is essential to understanding capitalism, i.e. where each individual makes his or her choice based on what they are willing to spend or are able to afford and what they consider gives them the most value. Conversely, central planning, like solutions from Washington, can in no way offer the right solutions to satisfy everyone.

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I begin my book by laying a foundation of economic ideas and definitions, which are not hard to understand, but lie outside the common vernacular and current political discourse. Thus, they may seem foreign to the reader, yet when thought about they allow the rest of what I’ve written later in the book to be more easily understood.

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