The recent annual budget deficit just went over one trillion. That’s just for one year! That adds to the Federal Debt which is currently (end of 2018) approaching 22 trillion dollars and growing. It does not matter who we elect to Congress; they are all the same. They are on a spending spree. Once they get there their only goal is to get re-elected, and all their other promises go out the window.

How will the Federal Debt story end? It will end when the world-wide market no longer lends money to the U.S. government. Overnight the United States economy will collapse as the dollar becomes worthless, and the government will fall.

I advocate for my countrymen and women to take the country back from our out-of-control elite. Retired U.S. Senator, Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, never stopped crusading against wasteful spending. He got nowhere with the Congress. Now he advocates for the States to call for a Constitutional Amendment to propose an amendment to the Constitution to the Congress for (1) term limits for Congressmen and women, and (2) for a required balanced budget every year. This would require either 2/3rds of the Congress or 2/3rds of the State Legislatures (34 states) to pass. Then, to enact requires 3/4th to pass. It is my understanding that 28 of the states needed to pass this have been obtained, six short of 34.

For those skeptics who think our way of life will never end, all prior attempts at democracy have failed because of debt and its companion; corruption. That’s how the Roman Empire fell.