Q & A with Author William Northwall

Q : My health care insurance premium has gone through the roof. What can be done about that?

A : Get government out of health care. Then everyone can find their own plan that meets their needs within what they can afford. Now, there will always be the unfortunate few who are unable to care for themselves, and for them, there needs to be Medicaid.

Q : My mother got very sick, she was hospitalized, but then her Medicare ran out, and they tried to kick her out. How can this situation be alleviated?

A : Change the law. If Medicare started to cover your mother, then they should finish up covering her.

Q : What’s wrong with Bernie Sanders’s (and other groups of socialists’ and progressives’) solution to making health care affordable?

A : Number one, we can’t afford it. Costs will explode. Number two, there is no way that one-size-fits-all health care can satisfy everyone. If everyone had to be in charge of finding their own health care, they would be happier than they are now.

Q : What would you do to solve the health care problem?

A : Get the government out of health care. If everyone had to find their own plan, they would get something that met their needs that they could afford. For the unfortunate few unable to take care of themselves, there is Medicaid.

Q : To my comment that government can’t innovate and come up with new things, one suggested that the military has created new things and can be innovative. What do you say about that?

A : The military is terribly expensive, and they need to tighten their belt. That said, protecting the people and the country is absolutely necessary, but innovation by the Pentagon is not very efficient and it does get costly.

Q : What is socialism?

A : The short answer is the means of production is owned by the government, rather than by individuals. Socialism requires a large government that destroys wealth. Let me expand on that:

In 1935, Germany was the most socialist country in the world. That gave us Nazi Germany. Then Britain went the same socialistic route post-WW II. The government owned the railroads, the mines, the factories—and the economy tanked. It was only to be reversed by Margaret Thatcher starting in 1979. Prosperity followed. Today, we have Venezuela.

Read my book, Return to Capitalism, to learn more.

William Northwall Return to Capitalism

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