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As the fall season and semester is gearing up, it is important for your student to have all of the resources they need to succeed —

My book is about the future, and the readers I wish to attract are the younger generations, and especially those people attracted to liberal, progressive and socialistic ideals. The young tend to reject capitalism because anti-capitalism is all they’ve been taught. Thus, they believe business is in the business of making money, and not helping the poor or the environment. They have established views on the horrors of greed. Millennials (ages 18-34) are soon to be the nation’s largest voting block. Focus groups have shown that most millennials do not understand what Socialism is; usually thinking that it means social justice and equality. My book is an attempt to explain the tenets of capitalism; small government with low taxes and minimal regulation, primacy of the individual, freedom, private ownership of means of production, and open markets and competition to give the consumers goods and services of the most value at the lowest cost.

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I begin my book laying a foundation of economic ideas and definitions, which in themselves are not hard to understand, but lie outside the common vernacular and current political discourse, thus may seem foreign to the reader. Yet when thought about, allow the rest of what I’ve written later in the book to be more easily understood.

I have put some emphasis on health care, as my working life as a busy medical doctor and radiologist evolved through periods of high inflation, immense technical change and never-ending threats of malpractice lawsuits gives me some special insights into the health care debate. This background gives me credibility to offer views I hope you will take seriously.

I offer my book as an alternative to the Progressive agenda, which is one of the forms of socialism which Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama embraced. While the liberal mindset has engulfed the main news outlets, college campuses, and roughly 50% of the electorate, I find it difficult to believe that the average liberal thinking citizen can really believe in the Progressive beliefs. The Progressive Party of Teddy Roosevelt’s second run for President, was dwarfed by Woodrow Wilson’s Progressive agenda. I’d wager that the average citizen has little understanding of Progressive dogma, especially when it comes to calling the founder’s Declaration of Independence irrelevant to today’s world, or to consider the U.S. Constitution as worthy only if it can be easily modified and “modernized.” The Progressive values the huge centralized government over the federal division of power between the States and Washington. Their egalitarian sense of equality fits their support for income redistribution. In their eyes, the individual becomes diminished while the masses grow in importance, though they do make exceptions for the elite.

Giants of Economics

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