The Country Needs Direction – Start the Conversation with “Return to Capitalism”

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America today has a mix of capitalism with some socialism. There are the social programs of Medicare and Social Security, plus various safety nets such as food stamps and programs for the disabled. While popular, they must also be affordable, and as structured today they are headed to insolvency. Social Security is in dire need of modernization to compensate in demographic and life-span changes since the 1930s. Medicare along with its sister, Medicaid, has the additional  problem of addressing who is to supply the health care when we either run out of doctors, or doctors refuse to accept miserly pay and begin to search out private paying patients in large numbers. Then there is the problem of technological advancement and obsolescence. Government control and regulation only addresses the past, while entrepreneurs address the future. I give my thoughts about health care after practicing radiology for 30 years. Basically, I advocate for a market based system where the consumer is in charge, rather than the government, insurance company’s, and large hospitals/medical complexes. And, I tell how to get there.

I’ve pondered for years how does one become liberal or conservative? Much has to do with what we’ve known or been exposed to. The influence of family, friends, teachers, and the workplace has to account for a lot. But most likely, how one achieves their income has to be a huge influence. Those with government job paid for by the tax payer, with many guarantees and perks, don’t really have to contemplate the future availability of their income, or the public “gifts” they receive.  The same goes for many working throughout our large corporations. But it becomes a different story for doctor, lawyer, or small businessman who has to worry about meeting a payroll, or working through multitudes of regulations and taxes.

Surveys show that the millennials  believe socialism means social justice for all. Socialism is not justice for all, it demands huge government, high taxes to pay for it, and with concentration of power centrally, always runs the risk of a power grab by a dictator at the top. Checkout what’s happening in Venezuela. While capitalism is the only system that has consistently raised millions out of poverty and despair, socialism has led to the deaths of millions throughout history. With the United States deep in debt, its future in doubt as financial collapse lunes, I ask, why would anyone favor. The present course. I hope that the message I bring, along with many other thoughtful conservative proponents like me, can move the electorate to see the light as to why, we, in our United States, need to Return To Capitalism.

You may find my book at Barnes & Noble, and at Amazon; both Kindle version, and paperback. $20 hard copy, $9.99 electronic.  

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