Grab a copy of Return to Capitalism to fully understand the current Political Climate

Are you confused over what socialism means?

First, it’s not social justice for everyone, it’s about collecting government power in Washington, at the expense of each individual person. Where does socialism lead to? Turn on the news and see what’s happening in Venezuela. Sure that is the extreme, but why take the chance of courting socialistic popularity here?

The antidote to Socialism: Capitalism.

Read Return to Capitalism to  more fully understand the differences. Capitalism is about promoting us all; each individual. It encourages wealth accumulation so that the enterprising few can share their wealth as philanthropists. At the same time it does not discourage safety nets designed to catch those down on their luck.

Who promotes socialism?

The true ideologues that dream of glories of communism are dwarfed by the many politicians that promote socialist ideas as gifts for all, and rewards for being victimized by mean-spirited people, so that they can achieve power and wealth for themselves (or at least find a comfortable permanent government jobs with lots of perks and benefits).
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YOU HAVE TO READ Return to Capitalism 
                                     A MUST READ TO UNDERSTAND TODAY’S POLITICAL DISCOURSE

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